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Zen Bride - Milwaukee Wedding Coordinator | Tailored Engagements

Some brides are a flurry of activity on their wedding day, making sure everyone is happy and enjoying themselves.  There are brides who take on the wedding day with a calm, slow demeanor I know I didn’t have on my wedding day.  Others are giddy with excitement, giggling and fluttering around, waiting for the next unforgettable moment.  Whatever the mood or personality, all brides can also be a zen bride.

What is a zen bride if not calm and serene?  A zen bride is one that takes on her day with grace, love and a true grasp on what the day really means to them.  You can be hyper, nervous or excited and still be a zen presence for all those around you.  It all comes down to how you handle yourself and those around you.  If an issue pops up during the day, like a bridesmaid is late or the florist delivers the wrong shade of pink roses, you can freak out in true bridezilla fashion or you can let it go and enjoy your day.  Yes, whatever the problem, on your wedding day it feels like a BIG deal.  It might even BE a big deal, but I guarantee you that you will regret wasting time dwelling on these issues on your special day.

If you have a planner, clue them in on what’s going on and let them handle it.  If it’s something that can be fixed, it will be fixed.  If you don’t have a planner, decide if it’s worth trying to fix.  Either way, don’t let it ruin anything for you.  No matter what goes wrong, if you manage it with grace then move on, you will be so much happier than if you held onto it all day.

So no matter what comes up, ask yourself if it’s worth it to spend the day upset or if it’s more important to spend it enjoying your new husband, friends and family.  You are the only one who can ruin your wedding day!

Believe me ladies, you will thank me later for this one!!!


Photo Credits:

Photo 1) Simply Bloom Photography

Photo 2) Todd Tomkinson via 100 Layer Cake

Photo 3) Rohm on Etsy