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Worth the wait - Milwaukee Wedding Coordinator | Tailored Engagements

My Facebook feed has been seeing a trend lately and not one of those viral videos being shared with a funny animal doing something even funnier…but with engagements galore!

Tis the season!

I am so thrilled as I’ve had many friends become engaged in the past month, weeks and actually in a few days πŸ™‚ (Congrats to the couple who cannot yet be named!)

But with the engagement excitement comes the planning overexcitement. Brides-to-be can’t wait to put their dream wedding boards on Pinterest to reality’s use. (I can’t blame you ladies!)

With that said, it is really easy to jump the gun.

Currently, it is booking time for the 2015 season, but strangely enough, we’ve been getting contacted for the 2016 season already. Do NOT get me wrong, this is the ultimate form of flattery, we are elated about brides who are elated about working with us.

But here are a few things to keep in mind when thinking in advance:

Styles Change:
Think about how much weddings styles have changed in the last year or perhaps the number of times you’ve switched up what your dream looks like.

The main point is, what may be in style this year, probably won’t be as popular next year and well the year after that, well, that’s anyone’s guess…

Families Change:
Sad but real truth, death and illness do occur, and sometimes things happen out of the blue.

A bride booked for 2014 had to change the wedding date due to a family emergency.

Relationships Change:
For the better or for the worse-you may form new relationships throughout the next two years, or you might lose some along the way, everybody has their true blue friends, but there are also some that come and go. Could you imagine having to revoke an invite to be a bridesmaid?

Change is obviously a recurring theme here…

So pick a date, throw out some ideas, but enjoy showing off your ring and gushing for a few months if you’re still 2 years out from your big day! Planning should go into full force about a year out from your date!

-Earliest you can book a venue: 16 months out
-Earliest you can book a caterer: 1 year out
-When you typically order your dress: 8 months out

And if I haven’t warned you enough already, think about fitting into some of your dresses from 2 years ago…