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Wedding Magazines - Milwaukee Wedding Coordinator | Tailored Engagements

Sometimes Brett will bring me breakfast in bed. It’s usually just a chocolate Long John (no sprinkles) but I am a doughnut loving girl so it’s all the same to me. Last weekend neither of us had anything pressing* to do, which is a rarity in our house so we lazed around in bed for a few hours. Brett watched Sports Center and I futzed on my computer and read a few magazines. I always get so excited when one of my favorites arrives on my door step. I have even been known to squeal when I see a new issue of Southern Living Weddings.

So today I thought I would share my top three favorite wedding magazines.

Southern Living Weddings: This one is packed with the most beautiful pictures, mostly pictorials of real Southern weddings. You won’t find instructions on DIY projects, advice about how to keep crazy Uncle Bob from making a toast or lists of stores to purchase the napkin rings you saw on page 32, but the details are amazing. There are minimal ads and it is full of great ideas! Laurel from Bloom introduced me to this one and I LOVE it!

Brides Magazine: Come on now, what bride to be doesn’t like this one? Brides is full of helpful tips, etiquette advice, fun items you might not find yourself and TONS of ads for dresses if you are still looking for the perfect gown. This one is a great place to gather ideas and get advice.

Martha Stewart Weddings: Martha is brimming with fresh ideas, DIY projects and cute pictorials. There are always easy projects for the DIY bride, my only caution here is that Martha sometimes shows things that aren’t possible unless you are Martha Stewart. Love you Martha, but you have a farm in Ecuador grow monster mums that the general public has no access to and you create things that would topple over if a child even looks at it. You can still use many of the ideas in this one but beware, your fave picture might only be possible in Stewart Land.

I have a huge library of wedding magazines that any of my brides can borrow; it’s a great resource for fun new ideas. Alright, so there is a rundown of my favorites. What are yours?