Grooms, this blog is for you! No more stressing about the perfect gift to give to your bride-to-be on your wedding day because we’ve put together some of our favorite and some of the best wedding gift exchange ideas.



What girl doesn’t love jewelry? Two classic pieces we love are diamond earrings and a Cartier bracelet.

A pair of diamond stud earrings are something every woman should own since they go with everything and after all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

A Cartier bracelet is one of our favorite jewelry gifts, not only because it’s an extravagant gift but also because it’s something she will love, wear every day, and remind her of your big day every time she looks at it. Browse through their 19 bracelet collections here.


Shoes For the Wedding

There are so many brides who want ‘that’ pair of shoes, but feel bad spending the money. It can be a nice gesture from the groom that will put a huge smile on her face on the wedding day.


Dinner or Excursion on the Honeymoon

She planned so much (yes, some grooms help, but let’s be real she was in on every tiny detail) so, it’s nice when he can plan a fun activity or a romantic dinner while she relaxes and soaks in post-wedding happiness.


Write a Sweet Message on the Bottom of Her Shoes

You’ll have to steal her shoes for this one, but jot down a cute note that you know she’ll love. Check out some ideas here.

**Warning: If the shoes she is wearing are brand new or beloved designer shoes, you might want to skip this one 😉


Anything with Mrs. or Bride

From t-shirts to coffee mugs to frames and robes, anything with ‘Mrs.’ or ‘Bride’ on it is sure to make her smile. Add your last name after ‘Mrs.’ for an even more personalized touch.

Check out ideas in clothing, decorations, or jewelry here.


{Photo By: Mthree Photography}