Whether it’s material or written, sentimental or funny, the bride and groom gift exchange is not always easy to come up with ideas. But no worries, we’ve compiled some of the most popular and some of our favorite gifts from the bride to the groom.

Boudoir Shoots

One of the more common gifts from brides to grooms are boudoir shoots. We’re not going to lie, these can easily turn into a creepy gift if you don’t do it correctly, here are two important tips to avoid a boudoir shoot gone awry.

  1. When? Don’t give it to him in front of all the guys, he doesn’t want them to see that and you probably don’t either so save it for a good time. Don’t leave him awkwardly trying to hide it before he walks down the aisle either, save this gift for the night before the wedding or while you two are on the honeymoon.
  2. Who? You will definitely need a good photographer, you don’t want yourself to look uncomfortable in the photos or like a glamor shot gone wrong. We love Chrissy Rose Photography, her empowerment shoots always look classy and not trashy.

Check out our other blog post about boudoir shoots for more!

Leather Travel Bag

There isn’t a more classic gift than this one, we suggest a toiletry bag since it will be used on almost every trip or overnight and it will be a staple for years. To add a personal touch consider adding his monogram, we love this one here.

Sports Tickets

Another great gift idea is season tickets to his favorite sporting event, we’ve seen this one quite a few times and it is definitely a crowd pleaser. Plus it will open up some ladies night options for you after the wedding.

A Watch

Another classic gift, treat him to a fancy timepiece he’s been wanting, to add something special attach a little note to it saying “See you at 4:00!” or whatever time you two are saying ‘I do’.


A gift to wear on the wedding day and many days to come, cufflinks are a useful gift for your groom. This is another gift you can get customized as well, with either your wedding date, initials, or something else special to you both. Check out some ideas here.

{Photo by Mthree Studio Photography}