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The Waiting Game - Milwaukee Wedding Coordinator | Tailored Engagements

Scenario: You just got engaged, your Pinterest wedding board is filled to the brim and you’re ready to get this planning thing going full speed ahead!

As planners, we pride ourselves in getting back to our clients quickly and we appreciate receiving positive feedback on our prompt response rates. Having a planner helps minimize and manage the stress of other vendors not getting back to you. Think of planners as professional stalkers: the moment we receive your email, we contact vendors to get your answer. We will continue through email and phone calls with check ins until we get the sought after info. Sometimes it can take 2 minutes, 2 hours, 2 days…and then some.

We know you’re excited and we are just as excited to get to working with you, but before you get head over your wedding day heels, there are a few tricks and tips to know about within the wedding industry when you hit a few bumps in the road. Especially during busy season.

1. Sundays are Saturdays and Mondays are Sundays. Especially in the bakery and catering worlds.
After long weekends of events, more common than not, most bakeries and catering companies are closed on Mondays.
TIP: This rule does NOT apply to Bridal Shops. Although they may be closed Mondays, they often have extended hours/business days to accommodate your appointments!

2. Two days wait: Getting price quotes/availability for just about everything in the industry can sometimes warrant a day’s (or two) wait. We aren’t stalling to get back to you or ignoring your emails, if we could come up with quotes in the snap of our fingers, we most definitely would! Although we could base quotes off of past client’s info, it is our goal to get you the most up to date pricing/info to save you time in the long run.
TIP: Sometimes following up with vendors 4 times to get quotes back to you isn’t out of the ordinary-even 6 can be normal!

3. Dress appointments and venue tours…weeks out. Once in awhile, you may luck out and be able to get shooed in last minute; but as a heads up, dress appointments and venue tours are often planned at least a week or two out. As are tasting appointments. For a girl who hates to wait, this is the hardest part for me.

4. Holidays are universal.
Think Thanksgiving and Christmas…It is certainly convenient that you may be in town celebrating the holidays with family members and friends-why not get a few wedding meetings out of the way as well? For a profession that is spent working almost every weekend, when it comes to holidays, many take advantage of being able to take personal time off to spend with family.

5. Weekends-Off Limits (to an extent).
I shouldn’t say off limits, but unless you’re headed to look at dresses, most wedding vendors find weekends difficult to meet as they are most likely at a wedding themselves. Put yourself in your day of wedding heels-would you want your caterer, planner, florist (to whom it may concern) meeting with other couples before tending to your big day? You may certainly find yourself saying no…
TIP: This is primarily true during busy season, November-March are often times much easier for wedding vendors to meet on weekends and more common than not, that’s when you’ll see them-take advantage of this!

With every rule, comes an exception; there will always be a time when you may be able to beat the system, but knowing this info is a good rule of thumb within the planning process.

All in all, our best advice we can offer to any bride or groom is that you must plan in advance. Waiting last minute to cram will just cause a headache.
Take it from me, a girl who would appreciate everything falling together in the flip of a dime, good things come to those who wait 😉