We promised to ourselves and to our clients that we would be trying out different yoga, pilates and barre studios throughout the next few months to kick to cold winter blues and to keep our brides in the know with the best work outs leading up to their wedding!

Yoga has been a favorite in the office and this time, we kicked it up a knot with some H O T yoga!

Milwaukee Power Yoga definitely made us sweat out all of those post New Year toxins!

Located on North Farwell Avenue, the studio can be easily overlooked; keep your eye out for their bright green logo! There is street parking around the studio, but I suggest planning on showing up 20 minutes prior as parking can fill up quickly!


TIP: Perhaps it was because of the sub zero temperatures, but Milwaukee Power Yoga’s classes have been filled to the brim. Show up at least 20 minutes early if you want to stake out a spot easily!

Milwaukee Power Yoga offers vinyasa flow style yoga, emphasis on the flows! It is a challenging practice that combines balancing, stretching, and strengthening asana sequences to create long and lean muscles.
TIP: MPY heats their studio to 95 degrees, if you want to catch a little draft throughout the class, head to the back of the room!

Our Class: Hot Candlelight Flow-my favorite! (for beginners to advanced)
This class is a perfect way to wind down your evening as the flows are at a slightly slower pace.

Length: 1 hour

Milwaukee Power Yoga offers a variety of classes at a variety of times, making the studio suitable for everybody’s schedules and making it one of my top choices for a great work out. The actual studio is separate from the check in area which is large and has plenty of cubbies and hooks for all of your items!

What to Pack: Water, hand towel and your mat. You definitely won’t want to forget your water or hand towel for these classes!
TIP: Yoga ward rents out mats, towels and sells water in case you forget yours!

What to Wear: I wore form fitting yoga pants and a loose, light tank top. I would suggest switching it up to yoga shorts as you will undoubtedly sweat!

What to Expect: Being close to your neighbor. The studio’s floors are marked where each mat should go-follow the guidelines! Last, but not least, I can’t emphasize enough on how much a punch this workout will pack. Everybody sweats, so don’t sweat it!

What I Loved: I felt refreshed after the class! I knew that I definitely got a great workout in and it was all within one hour!

What I Hated: Hate is a strong word! I enjoyed every aspect of this class except how packed it got! Just goes to show that all of MPY’s yogis love their classes!

TRY IT OUT: For only $10, new MPY yogis can get an UNLIMITED 10 days of classes. This yoga studio won’t break the bank, just another reason why I loved it!