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Alright, so my classic brides might cringe at this post … divert your eyes classic bride, it’s fine, I don’t blame you. Still reading? Ok, here it goes … I LOVE patterned bridesmaid dresses!! I can’t get enough of them, I have contemplated getting all of my Bridesmaids back together, throwing the old wedding dress back on and making them wear patterned dresses. If any of my Bridesmaids are reading this, don’t worry, no need to avoid my calls, I won’t actually make you do this!

Bridesmaid dresses with a pattern are not for everyone, in fact they don’t fit most weddings. I would not suggest them to most brides but if you are daring enough and if it fits your theme (there’s that word again) then I say go for it! Different dresses for each Bridesmaid has become somewhat common in the wedding world. Different styles of the same dress is almost common place and this practice is great because it allows all of your Bridesmaids, no matter their body type, to look beautiful. But, my new favorite trend is the patterned dress.

Brides, you can pick a fun patterned dress and have all of your Bridesmaids wear it for a cohesive, more traditional look or you could choose to have your ladies wear the same dress (same pattern) in different colors. They could also wear the same pattern in different dress styles or completely different dresses with different styles and patterns, just all in the same color. All of these options are a fun new twist on the traditional bridesmaid’s dress. Grandma may wonder if you have lost your mind but the pictures … well, they will be amazing!

Photo Credits:
Top Left: Aidei Photography via Litle White Book
Top Right: via Snippet & Ink
Bottom Right: Brook Schwab Photography