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The Details Made My Day - Milwaukee Wedding Coordinator | Tailored Engagements

My wedding was a disaster!  Alright, so true to form I am being a bit, okay very, dramatic.  But truthfully, it wasn’t perfect.  I thought it would be. I had planned and re-planned, created list upon list, directions, itineraries, plan B’s, and even a few plan C’s.  Besides, every bride you ever talk to says that their wedding was perfect.  My friends who were married always seemed to glow when talking about their big day.  Every bride I saw on T.V. gushed about how amazing everything was.  Why would it be anything but perfect?

Well, one of the biggest storms in the last decade rolled through the Thursday before my wedding, destroying my outdoor BBQ rehearsal dinner and ruining my spray tan, which was going to cover a farmer’s tan.  I burnt half of my eyelashes off (long story) and after spending two hours picking out the right flowers for my bridesmaid bouquets they all had to be switched to roses at the last minute.

Don’t get me wrong idea, I had a lot of perfect.  My dress was perfect, my hair was perfect and the guest tables blew me away.  My photographer … She was beyond perfect. (Check her out at http://claryphoto.com/)

And most importantly, the man at the end of the aisle was perfect … ok cheesy but true!


Despite what you may think from the beginning of this post, I actually adored my wedding day.  I loved every detail and I even loved the imperfections.

I loved my dress. My grandmother passed away a few years prior to my wedding and picking out a dress was a bit bittersweet without her. She was a very fashionable lady and would have loved scouring every bridal store from here to Indiana with me. In the end I chose a dress that my mom and I picked out on a lazy Sunday afternoon. I only tried on the dress after explaining exactly what I wanted and being told that the boutique didn’t have anything like that available. We decided to try on a few of the unique dresses that were a far cry from the princess dress I was looking for but that were fun to play dress-up in. My mom and I ended up falling in love, just her and I and a dress I tried on to be silly.

I loved our transportation, my father-in-law’s first car, a classic convertible. Brett remembers pilling into it with his sisters to get ice cream on hot summer nights as a kid. That car is filled with memories and
was the perfect way to get around. The car ride was one of the few moments that Brett and I were able to steal away just the two of us (and Clary to capture it of course).

I especially loved the little details that made the wedding our own: a simple poem tucked inside everyone’s napkin, a flower girl in a yellow linen dress with little blonde curls, our first dance to Tom Petty’s
Wild Flowers”, cheesecake I made with my Aunt while we chatted about life, Grandma’s famous sugar cookies lovingly baked by Grandpa, pictures of our new little family (yes, Brett and I and the dogs constitute a
family), a dance off which my little brother won … I think, Starbucks with my mom, my father’s toast, dessert shots, crystals, and peonies. I loved it all.

dogsBut that is what a bride always tells you. What you don’t hear is what went wrong, what they would change. Most brides say they would not change a thing and that’s good. I strive to have each of my brides say just that. But at every wedding there are things that don’t go as planned, and there are little things you would change if given the chance. But in the end it is the little things, the details that mean something to you, that you will remember.

I spent the days after the wedding picking apart what I could have done better … It’s kind of what I do. I am told quite frequently that I am too hard on myself (however, that is another topic for a different kind of blog). But, on our honeymoon, while I was sitting in the sun laughing with my new husband I realized, our wedding was perfect … and I wouldn’t change a thing. In that moment all of the imperfections melted away and I was left with the beautiful, the friends and family and a whole lot of love.

my wed 22

This post is dedicated to my parents, loving husband, little brother, aunt, and amazing friends. Without them my wedding would have been a disaster!

All Pictures by the talented Clary Pfeiffer