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That Dirty Word ... Theme - Milwaukee Wedding Coordinator | Tailored Engagements

Theme can be a dirty word in the wedding industry and I would like to clear its name. I am not going to get all David Tutera on you and say that a Pirate themed wedding could be beautiful… so back away from the stuffed parrot ladies. Theme can mean so many things, but I like to think of it as the feeling or aura of your day.

Picking a theme for your wedding can be hard, there are so many choices: Vintage Glam, Urban Indie, Casual Elegance, the list goes on and on. With so many beautiful choices it can be hard to figure out which one is best for you, but there is a way to help narrow down your options and come to a decision that fits you and your fiancé perfectly.

I am a huge believer that personal style, favorite foods, music taste and personalities should play a major role in deciding the direction for the feel of your wedding day. Look around your house, how is it decorated? Is it clean and minimal or casual and inviting, filled with personal mementos? How do each of you dress? Are you preppy and put together in JCrew or are you romantic, and covered in different textures from Anthroplogy? Consider your favorite restaurant, what type of food do they serve? How is the space laid out and decorated? How do the servers approach the guests? Use these answers to help inspire your wedding day theme.

You can plan a cookie cutter wedding, or you can take your guests on a journey that will make them feel like a part of your day and not just an observer. Sorry, that was the little David Tutera in me; as hard as I try I just cant help it! Your guests are there to celebrate you as a couple, so give them an experience that will have them leaving saying wow, they are such a (fill in adjective of your choice) couple.

I love to entertain, I have dinner parties, cocktail parties and I even insist on putting out a spread of hors d’oeuvres when Brett has the guys over for poker. Don’t worry grooms, he draws the line at a beverage dispenser with a signature drink or any sort of decoration. I like to think of my couples’ wedding day as a quaint party at their home (even if there are 350 guests attending). I love to help my couples create a celebration that is more than the typical wedding, and guests love that! Guests leave feeling like they got to experience a piece of what is important to the couple; they leave feeling closer to the new ‘Mr. and Mrs.’ than they did when they arrived!

So, imagine yourself in your favorite place, dressed in your favorite outfit, surrounded by the things you love and just live there for a while. Then, let your wedding day live there; pull from that spot to make the tough decisions. I know, I know … some of you probably think I need to pull out my Yoga mat and wheat grass, but if you use this mentality to help guide you through the wedding process, it will make the endless decisions you have to navigate your way through a bit easier.