Your bridesmaids play an important part of your wedding day and while they need to know where to be and when there are some other things to keep your ladies in the loop on to avoid any wedding day craziness.

If You Need Their Help

That’s what they’re there for! A lot of people will be there at your side to help with whatever you may need and while these ladies are your sisters or best of friends, don’t be afraid to ask them for whatever you may need. If there are things you know you will need help with ahead of time (like putting on your dress) let them know so they can be there on time. We want brides to feel like they don’t have to ask their bridesmaids to do too much, so that’s why we’re there to also help you out with whatever you need!



A Timeline of Events

To avoid the night before texts from a confused bridesmaid asking where they should be and when especially if you have a special place post-ceremony that they need to be. Getting them a general timeline will help a lot not only to reduce your stress but theirs as well.


Most Importantly, Will There Be Food?

Whether it’s breakfast or lunch or just a small snack, make sure you let your bridesmaid know if you’ll have any food available while you’re getting ready to avoid any noisy stomachs or ‘hangry’ bridesmaids!



If jewelry for your bridesmaid is your thank you gift, then they’ll know what jewelry to wear, however, if you’re not doing that try to give your bridesmaids ideas as to what jewelry they should wear. Same goes with their shoes; unless you have a set style picked out and purchased for each bridesmaid, give them style and color ideas so that everything will go together.


What to Bring and What to Leave Behind

For most weddings, the ladies get ready at a hotel and then go somewhere else. Some bridesmaids bring a small tote, but if they bring everything with them to get ready they may need to run back to their rooms to drop off a suitcase, which is definitely something they’ll want to leave behind. Aside from the necessary dress and shoes they need to bring, other things they’ll usually need are lipstick, their phone, some cash, dance moves, and a bright attitude! There are tons of packing lists online for bridesmaids or you can create your own.


Who Your Go-To Is

To keep your day as relaxed as possible, choose either a bridesmaid, your relative, or your wedding planner to be your go to lady for any and all questions your bridesmaids may have. This will prevent you from being asked numerous questions on your big day.


One Last Thing…

Lastly, you should let your bridesmaid know how grateful you are that they played such a special part on your wedding day. Say ‘Thank You!’ with a Tiffany box or another meaningful way.


{Photos by Heather Cook Elliott Photopgraphy}