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Superstition or Tradition? - Milwaukee Wedding Coordinator | Tailored Engagements

We always touch base on certain details when going through our wrap ups with brides. Are you doing a bouquet toss? Cake cutting? Toasts? When it comes to your wedding, there are tons of traditions to follow. Every little “tradition” has a rhyme or reason to it. You’ll be even more surprised to find out that many of the reasons boil down to superstition.
Check out some of my favorite and most surprising reasons behind traditions we see in weddings-maybe it’ll make sense as to why so many people are skipping or changing tradition!


Diamond Rings: This may be my favorite tradition debunked-while I’ve seen some brides dangling other jewels on their ring fingers, diamonds still reign supreme. But it started out as an advertising scheme! Diamonds are indeed a luxury, but their popularity came to the well known De Beers needed to revamp their image and sell their product to the rich, the poor and everyone in between. “A Diamond Is Forever” was born and a tradition was formed.

Bridesmaids Dresses: These days, you’d drop dead if you showed up at an event matching another guest (perhaps I’m taking that too far, but I know I’d prefer to have my own style) While some people are horrified, to Romans you were to be cursed with bad luck if ten of your guests weren’t wearing matching attire to your wedding, hence, bridesmaids playing the matching game. We’ve come a long ways from the scary maids’ fashions from the 80s, and mixing and matching is now a popular trend. I vote to keep the trend over the tradition-I love when brides have their maids in assorted attire. If it still falls in the same color palette, then I feel like the Romans can bend their rules!

Garter Toss: It is solely pure opinion, but I’m happy to see this one less and less! Having any piece of the newlyweds clothing was originally deemed as good luck. In more conservative times, the bride was suggested to wear the garter tagged loosely to the bottom of her dress, so males guests could more easily retrieve it. I think we can all agree we’ve come across that really awkward, less than conservative garter retrieval before….

Clinking of the Glasses: A tradition that I’ve seen most couples get shy from is having to kiss after your guests clink their glasses at you; while some find it to be a “sweet” gesture, the clinking of glasses dates back to medieval times when many hosts spiked their guests’ glasses with poison! To signify that they were being a jovial host, they toasted with a clink, splashing drops of their wine and then taking the first sip to ensure their guests that they were in good hands!