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Pour Ettiquette - Milwaukee Wedding Coordinator | Tailored Engagements

When it comes to your wedding reception, choosing a bar package can be enough of a chore as it is. Deciding to go with signature cocktails may seem like an easy escape route, but that isn’t always the outcome either.

There are even more elements in those two tiny little his and her cocktails than you may think.
What if guests don’t like _____ liquor? What if there are too many ingredients to make this cocktail? Too sweet? Too strong? How do I present it?

In my opinion, it is best to keep it simple. Yeah, chocolate martinis sound appetizing to just about anybody, but in the long one they are going to stretch your wallet and your guests’ wait at the bar.

Here are a few tips and reasons why you are better off with the basics.

1. Limit the liquor-to an extent:
You want your guests to be happy, but you don’t want them to be so overly “happy” that they don’t make it through dinner. You might as well forget about dancing! Don’t do signature cocktails that are pure booze; nix the neats and ups.

2. Don’t make it hard on your guests, or the bartender.
True, you want to keep the drink true to yourselves, but at the same time you don’t want your guests to be turning up their noses. Don’t go overly sweet. Don’t go overly bitter. Keep the ingredients to a minimum or even a mix that can be made ahead (You want the drink to taste good, but you don’t want preparation to take forever. Guests get grumpy and then bartenders get grumpy and then…) And don’t be afraid to have a specialty beer! Jori, a bride from September, served guests homebrew and I heard more compliments than ever! Spiked lemonades and sangrias look seasonal and are easy to do ahead or in big batches!

We took a cue from A Practical Wedding’s pitcher cocktail classics. With names like Grapefruit Sidecar and Mixed Citrus Sours, your guests will be expecting anything but boring.

We love these cocktails from The Knot as well!

The Cheeky Rose cocktail, garnished with fresh rosemary sprigs, works well with our upcoming warmer weather.

Cheeky Rose Cocktail

Cheeky Rose Cocktail

3. Little garnishes go a long way:
Use something seasonal, use something bright, use something fun! You don’t have to be conservative when it comes to dressing your drinks. And garnishes can often be bought in bulk and remain inexpensive whether they be edible or not. One of the simplest ways to transform a Wisconsin favorite Old Fashioned is to stray from the traditional maraschino and spring for some black Luxardo cherries. They lend and deeper, truer cherry flavor and give the cocktail a rich, dark hue.

Things we love:

Gold Paper Straws

Colored Rimming Sugar

DIY Fringed Parasols

Colored Simple Syrup for the Ombre Effect

We also love these easy edibles: Twisted fruit rinds, mint (or other herb) sprigs & sugared berries!

And if all else fails; stick to a simple champagne toast. Just glitz it up a little. One our of past brides, Claire, had beautiful blackberries floating in her flutes. Rim your glasses in a colored sugar and VOILA you’ve got pretty little masterpieces.