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Shake the hanger pangs - Milwaukee Wedding Coordinator | Tailored Engagements

Being a wedding coordinator comes with major perks; I get to experience something new every week while in the meantime meeting so many amazing brides and vendors along the way (I wouldn’t change a thing about my career!)

At the same time, there are some downfalls-mainly running around like crazy people in between meetings and office work. Where does my time go?

I constantly find myself asking where does my time go after a long day, and after a long day, I find myself pretty dang hungry. Actually h a n g  r y. Hangry does exist everybody. After turning HANGRY from an overload of caffeine and trying to remember if I actually took in anything of sustenance during the day, the last thing I really want to do is create a healthy meal, instead, I want something quick and easy and most likely unhealthy.

This is a bad, bad habit. We preach to our brides about eating on their wedding days and honestly, we’ve got to start practicing. So I’m going back to one of my favorite, delicious and healthy recipes for peanut butter balls. Packed with protein to tie us over through the day.

Chock full of chia seeds, flax, oats and peanut butter, these will satisfy just about any tooth you have and keep your hanger in check.

TIP: Guys like them, too!

Plus, you can mix everything in a bowl and have these done in about 10 minutes flat. Seriously.


1 Cup old fashioned oats (ground in a food processor)

1/4 Cup flax seeds

1/4 Cup chia seeds

1/4 Cup Craisins (I LOVE dried blueberries, too)

1.5 Cups natural roasted peanut butter

Honey to taste (I do about two tablespoons)


Using a LARGE mixing bowl, start top down with the ingredients. Pour in oats, flax, chia and craisins.

Stir around, make sure you’re mixing around the dry ingredients before adding the sticky ones. You want everything to be evenly distributed.

Add in peanut butter. Stir. If you are happy with the texture, top off with honey to mix in.

If you find that your paste, essentially, is too dry, add in extra peanut butter. This recipe can be altered to your preferences without messing it up.

Once finished mixing, roll the paste into bite sized balls.

You can store them in Tupperware or any sort of covered plate/dish.

TIP: I let me set in the refrigerator for about two hours. The dry ingredients become softer and peanut butter bites taste better when cold.




TIP: String cheese and hard boiled eggs are also easy on the go snacks that we often have packed for our long days!