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New Kid on the Block {Lizzibeth} - Milwaukee Wedding Coordinator | Tailored Engagements

When I first caught wind of Lizzibeth I remember coming across a bridal photo with these amazing accessories. Having to often come up with accessories and jewelry options for brides, I always seem to have my eyes peeled and that’s what landed Lizzibeth on my Radar. There wasn’t (and still isn’t) a picture that I have come across from her shop that I don’t want something from.

Right then and there I knew I had to check it out; I looked into Lizzi’s shop and it was mobile-such a neat idea! Orders were placed online and picked up near Marquette University’s campus, which later I found out is her Alma Mater.

After catching wind that she was opening a storefront located at 550 E Menomonee Street in Milwaukee’s Third Ward, I knew I needed to get in there STAT.

Being granted the opportunity to meet, I remember walking into the store and being nothing short of dazzled. Right away I had to touch everything within eyesight. Even the displays were gorgeous. I was like a kid in a candy store who had already had too much sugar; I couldn’t focus on everything in front of me because it was all to die for.



From brides to be, to maids, to everyday accessories, there is something for everyone there. I hate saying that as we all know one size does not fit all, but if you’re looking for something glitzy and glam, you’ll find it.
The best part about Lizzibeth is the price point for the jewels doesn’t go above $40. Seriously. What you see in the magazines for hundreds of dollars, you can have for a fraction of the price.



TIP: There’s a little room in the back with discounted deals you can’t even imagine.

Lizzibeth also offers space for bachelorette get togethers, private parties, showers of all sorts and due to the natural sunlight throughout the shop’s sprawling windows the place makes for a great space for brides and maids to get ready on the big day. Complete with a kitchenette, groups are welcome to bring in food and refreshments for these events. {Click HERE to inquire}



For someone who has a knick for knacks, you’d think she’d be born to do this, or atleast been in the industry forever, but that’s not the case. (Get ready to raise your eyebrows.)

Fun Fact: Lizzi graduated with a Civil Engineering degree at MU and went off to NYC where she worked at the J.Crew in Rockefeller Center, The Vintage Twin and Teen Vogue. After a stint as a fashionista, Lizzi made her way back to the midwest, in Chicago, where she worked in finance and risk management. After all of that, she came full circle and moved back to Milwaukee where she decided to open what some would describe as their dream shop.

Lizzi is warm and welcoming, like an old friend whom you haven’t seen in years, but have no problem just picking up where you left off. I feel that is why she has had so much support within the community-everyone has been excited to meet her, for her to join the Third Ward family and for her business to be successful! And while she is still in her first year as a storefront in Milwaukee’s Third Ward, I think it is safe to say this new kid on the block will be a mainstay.

Shop Lizzibeth’s business hours vary daily and can be found by following her on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Can’t make it in? Shop online!

{Bridal photos courtesy of Kate Weinstein Photography}