I  am obsessed with fashion.  I know, it probably doesn’t show but I can’t get enough of wedding attire.  As you all already know, I am even more obsessed with wedding shoes!!  Wedding style has changed so much in the past few years.  In the past, most brides picked something plain and white and called it a day but today shoes are a carefully selected element in each wedding I work on.  From time to time I get texts and emails with shoe pictures and if anyone else is around when I get them they are going to know about it.  Not only because I show anyone within earshot, but because I typically squeal with excitement (seriously, I do … I am a dork that way).

This year my brides all have different styles, but they each picked out a sick pair of heels to wear on their big day.  In no particular order, here are a few sneak peeks.  It should leave you drooling and waiting for the wedding posts!

 We will kick things off with these adorable Bagley Mischka heels

and throw in these amazing Jimmy Choo’s

Add a little something blue by Paris Hilton

This little number that fit the wedding and the bride’s personality to a tee!

The bride selected these shoes in blue, and they are beautiful!

Kate Spade polk a dots are you kidding me?!

Love the bow, love the color, love Badgley Mischka!!

Sparkly Tom’s … Need I say more?

Something blue and sparkly, with a peap toe to boot

Thanks ladies for sharing, they are all amazeballs as Guiliana would say!