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'Maid Manners - Milwaukee Wedding Coordinator | Tailored Engagements

We see a plethora of bridesmaids each year. Most are sweet, supportive and oh so helpful to the bride, but others are, well…not. Sometimes I like (and hope) to think this may be because they just haven’t been in a wedding and aren’t sure what to do so take it from me ladies- here are a few helpful tips on how you can be the best bridesmaid that ever walked down that ceremonial aisle.

First and foremost, just do what the bride asks. Sure a Belle inspired dress complete with puffy sleeves may not be your style but it’s not your wedding- so as harsh as this may sound my advice would be to suck it up buttercup. Just wear the dress, after all it may come in handy for Halloween sometime.


Stay calm and carry on. Do not, under any circumstance, freak out. The day is as stressful as they come already and the bride doesn’t need her ladies upping the ante on crazy that day. If something goes wrong, ask the wedding planner to fix it, calmly, especially if you are in front of the bride. If you have a question, you know who your go to is-the planner. The bride is already focusing on keep herself calm and composed-a flurry of questions will only add to the frustration.

Come prepared.
We bring an emergency kit, more like an emergency tool box, but do your due diligence as a maid. Take your dress out of it’s package prior to the week, let alone day of. Make sure your dress fits; I can sew on buttons, but I am certainly no seamstress. Bring snacks if you are worried about being hungry or getting tipsy. Most of our brides are prepared and have us bring snacks on the day, but if you follow a special diet I would bring a little something to make sure you have an emergency plan.


Be a dancing machine. Your number one duty on the day is to make the bride happy. Most of our brides want guests dancing above and beyond any other wish for the day. I always tell brides if they are dancing the guests will be dancing. So be her wingwoman and help get the party started! Even if it is something cheesy!

Lend a hand. Especially at the beginning and ending of the evening. Make sure she has all personal belongings she came with. If we haven’t already taken her bouquet back to her hotel room, snatch it before leaving the venue. As a planner we will check in to make sure she is staying hydrated (or has one of her favorite cocktails) and has had the chance to grab a bite in between making rounds with guests, but playing double duty and doing the same can only help!


All in all, our best advice?-Keep a smile on your face and the bride will do the same!

-AF & JM

Floral arrangements by Marius Bell
All photos courtesy of Heather Cook Elliott