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Give what you want to get. - Milwaukee Wedding Coordinator | Tailored Engagements


Wedding favors are a toughie when it comes to planning your wedding…and with that being said, are often times left on the back burner til the last minute. And that, well…that’s not the greatest idea. That’s when really bad decisions are made. Keychains and glow sticks. I even read about gifting a goldfish..no, no, no. (If it has a pulse, probably a BAD idea).

Don’t get me wrong, favors are a nice gesture! At the same time, they are not expected. Always keep that in mind-guests will not have their feelings hurt if you don’t gift them at the end of the night. You invited each guest for a reason and sharing your day with you means enough as it is.

But, if you are going to do them, do them the right way. And save yourself some heartache at the end of the night when you notice nobody has taken them.

1. Put some thought into it:
Dont give for the sake of giving.
Give something that is of significance to you, your hubby or yourself as a couple. Personalize it. (And I don’t mean by stamping your name and date.)

For example: One of our upcoming brides is gifting a special spice rub to her guests from a hometown favorite meat market.

Glasses hand cut from wine bottles were used as both a favor and escort “card”; that still ranks high on my totem pole. The couple (and family members) saved up those bottles for almost two years!

wine glasses

Wine Bottle Glasses / Heather Cook Elliott Photography

2. The edible factor:
Everybody loves edibles. If you don’t, I think you’re lying. The quote I came across that I believe can resonate with everybody: “In the end, unless it’s edible or useful, it’ll be tossed out eventually.”

Homemade caramels from an old family recipe were given at a September wedding last year; they were so good I was hoping that extras would get left behind-they didn’t.



Homemade Caramel / M Three Studio

Some Milwaukee favorites for sweet treats?
Red Elephant: 333 N Broadway, Milwaukee
Becky’s Blissful Bakery: 214 Oakton Ave, Pewaukee
C. Adam’s Bakery: 400 N Water St, Milwaukee
La Reve: 7610 Harwood Ave, Wauwatosa

Sweet treats & Packaging / Mia S Photography

Sweet treats & Packaging / Mia S Photography

Tokens for a scoop of the day at Kopps aren’t a half bad idea either!

Or give the gift of spirit: Champagne shorties anybody? (any miniature booze bottle can suffice.)


Champagne Shorties

TIP: Keep in mind the season and the space. If you’re doing an outdoor wedding in August, realize that your little gift can and probably will melt. And the stain remover in our emergency kit may not take out all of that smudged chocolate. Think about saving in a cool spot until they can be set out later on in the night, when things have cooled down!


3. Frugality:
If there are corners in your budget that you’re trying to cut, favors are a place to cut out immediately. If you’re still sold on giving a favors, think about DIY-ing them.

olive oil

Olive Oil & Spice Mix

Dipping Oil
Infused Alcohol
Mini potted succulents

Lizzie from last May gave tiny succulents to each and every guest and I still have mine!

4. The gift that keeps on giving:
Donations are always in style and make a bigger impact than an item that could easily hit the trash. Donate to a charity that means something to you in lieu of doing favors; you want to make an connection outside of the wedding, not just doing it to say you’re doing it. It isn’t necessary to plaster signs to advertise this everywhere. A simple sign by the gift table is perfect. Or cake. Every place setting might be a bit overkill.


Just remember, never be afraid to say no to this part of the planning process.