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Flower Petal Faux Pas - Milwaukee Wedding Coordinator | Tailored Engagements

Where would our lives be without Pinterest?
…my snarky answer: probably outside or on a run, maybe doing some chores around the house or checking off a few tasks on the list.

…my real answer: a little mix of the above, but with a lot less organization, ease, quick resolutions and ideas. I’ll be honest: Pinterest is fueling my find and fix DIYs, organizing my outfits and making them seem a bit more polished, filling my kitchen with glorious scents and helping me find the perfect gifts.

BUT as will all good things, there might certainly be the bad looming around the corner.

In the bridal world, there are some horrible, terrible, no good, very bad things we see on Pinterest.

One of my favorite examples: flower petal designs down the aisle.

First things first, YES they are BEAUTIFUL. But there are a lot of factors when it comes to pulling this off successfully (ever seen those links to Pinterest fails? If not executed properly, this could end up there).
TIP: To capture the perfect shot you’ve seen on Pinterest, the photo was probably snapped within seconds of the petals being placed.

Things you need on your side:
1. Weather
2. Guests
3. Time

Things you can’t control:
1. Weather
2. Guests
3. Time

In order for these petal patterns to cooperate, you need the wind out of sight and rain out of mind. One brisk breeze, especially here on the Milwaukee lakefront, and your pattern will be pushed out of place.

One false move or one unobservant guest and again, your florist’s artwork is abort.

Holding off until the last minute is key for this specific design aspect. The only time “the early bird gets the worm” doesn’t apply is before ceremony start time. Guests can and will show up an hour early, cutting into set up time. Waiting for the rain? Or wind to settle down? Having to hold out for weather will undoubtedly hinder set up time as well.

Things to Keep in Mind:
1. Rain Plan
2. Artistic Freedom
3. Open Mind

If you so choose to follow through with your flower petal plan, here are some key components to understand.
1. The weather may ultimately cancel these plans
2. Give your florist your inspiration picture, but allow he/she artistic freedom. They won’t let it look unsightly.
3. Remember from the above, there are some things out of your control. Don’t approach the aisle an expect the flowers to still stand perfectly in place and remember that by the time you as the bride are walking down, the design will surely be scattered from the processional.

TIP: To ensure a picture perfect pattern while remaining worry free, have your ceremony indoors or pick a more plain/pattern free design. It will still look lovely.
TIPx2: Check in advanced to make sure this is allowed by the venue if indoors.

Real Wedding:
Julissa & Ayodeji
Photo courtesy of Heather Cook Elliott Photography

julissa flowers

Photo courtesy of Heather Cook Elliott Photography

julissa flowers 2