When it comes to “good workout”, your mind automatically imagines dripping sweat, being out of breath and really feeling the burn. When it comes to our next adventure in the workout world, I learned that there are a variation of “good” workouts. After really getting into yoga the past few months we decided to switch it up and continue on our journey through Milwaukee’s best workouts.

Next up: Sport Body Pilates

Located in the Third Ward in a window front shop at 159 N. Jackson Street, the studio has sprawling windows that you can’t help but smile in on sunny days. And in the recent frigidness, the studio is still nice and warm.

You may be thinking, “Oh my gosh, everyone can watch me work out!” but that isn’t the case. Random passersby may see you after parking their cars in the Italian Community Center parking lot, but they’re probably envious of you.

Pilates was a whole new experience for both Amanda and myself and our teacher, Krista, was so accommodating to ease our jitters.


A lot of yoga moves are implemented in pilates, but where you used to rely solely on your body and a mat, there’s now this carriage involved. A carriage with springs and straps and bars…how do I even approach this thing? Kind of intimidating at first.

Krista warmed us up and took us slowly through different moves and reps of each. She wanted us to get a feel for the carriage and being able to rely on our body for balance.

You see, I’m NOT coordinated and my balance is always off kilter. I have to admit that my biggest feat was being afraid I was going to fall on my face on a few of the moves which I’m still learning the names to. But low and behold, if you trust your body and really concentrate, it won’t fail you! I succeeded through class, class number two after this week, and still have all my teeth..

After class, I remember thinking to myself that I must not have been doing it right as I didn’t work up a huge sweat that I’m used to. Not to say I didn’t sweat…I did, but it was a girly sweat (if there is such a thing). I didn’t even drink out of my water bottle until after class…I must not have been doing it right.

The next morning, I couldn’t have been more wrong. That’s when I learned that a “good” workout is subjective and doesn’t fit the gym industry’s standard.

My abs burned like NEVER before…even thinking back to highschool volleyball when our coach made us go through bootcamp at two-a-days. We joked in the office that it hurt to breath.

After my second class last past week, my lats and inner thighs still have a twinge of soreness to them and that was two days ago.

What I loved: The class sizes stay small, like 2 to 3 people small. Krista is hands on and watches your form, she is able to give everyone attention to make sure their bodies stay in the shapes they are supposed to; she doesn’t want anything strained, nobody getting hurt. It also allows for a little bit of experimentation. We recently tried out the chair, where you balance yourself sideways on your arms and lift your legs off of a loaded spring with your abs. Sounds about confusing as it is, but Krista walked both Amanda and I successfully through it.

What I didn’t: This changed after I got out of bed the next morning, but first thought after leaving class was my lack of sweat, therefore I didn’t get a workout in. Like I stated above, that definitely was anything but the case.

What to bring: “Grippy” socks come in handy for some moves. If you don’t have them, Krista has gripping clothes she can put down on the bars for you. No mat needed.

What to wear: Form fitting clothes-like you would wear to yoga.

Parking: Two hour metered and unmetered parking available on the side streets. Both Amanda and I have driven separately each time and haven’t had any issues with finding spots.

Try it out!: These deals are a steal and hard to pass up http://www.groupon.com/deals/sportbody-pilates

When it comes to working out, the hardest part is branching out and trying something new, but take it from me, the workout and payoff is worth the risk!