Seriously, I mean it: don’t listen to me, Brides Magazine, Martha Stewart, other bloggers, or any of the thirty wedding shows on right now.  Yes, we all have great ideas and there are things you can learn along the way but it’s your wedding.  Never do something just because someone tells you to.  No one can tell you what is important to you or what you think looks good.  No one can tell you how to have your wedding (not even Martha Stewart).

So my advice today, don’t listen to me.  I have a lot of ideas on the blog and most of them won’t work for you.  None of them are for every wedding or every situation so ignore the ones that don’t work for you.  If something makes sense, then use it.  After all, that is what the blog is here for, to give inspiration to my brides.  But if the day’s post does not work for you or for your wedding then forget it and move on.


You will be bombarded with opinions from articles, TV shows and blog posts all saying a million different things.  If you use them all, your wedding will be one big hot mess.  No joke, it would be terrible!  So take in what you like and forget what you don’t in the end it’s all about you, the bride oh and your groom we need him too!

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