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A Different Strip {Ladies' weekend in Nashville} - Milwaukee Wedding Coordinator | Tailored Engagements

We’ve all heard of the traditional trip to Vegas to give away your soon to be wedded best friend, and even though Vegas is my favorite vacation spot in the US-yes really, sometimes you’ve got to put on your cowboy boots and explore a different part of the states.

And yes, I do mean cowboy boots.

I’m talking about the Music City of Nashville!

What’s not to love about an amazing Iconic music scene, BBQ and it’s within driving distance to boot!

Where to Stay:
The Sheraton Nashville Downtown had great ammenities and even shuttled guests anywhere downtown!

TIP: Shuttle ends at 11pm, but the Nashville strip is only 4 blocks away.

Where to Eat & Drink: Where to start is a better question.

Puckett’s, a grocery store/restaurant hybrid had some pretty awesome BBQ. Their brunch looks promising if you’re (You will be eating BBQ more than once or you’re not doing it right) wanting to start off your day with a kick.

Saint Anejos, located in the up and coming Gulch area, had a cool new vibe. Their extensive tequila list could get you in trouble though! Saint’s Mexican food was out of this world good.
I recommend washing down your dinner with just about any of their margaritas; the ginger being my favorite!

Jack’s: They boast a well deserved first place award for the 2013 American Royal Barbecue Sauce Contest. Their white sauce is the most popular, but my favorite was their spicy sauce.

TIP: This is a great place to stop on your way out of town to get your one last bite of good BBQ.

Acme is the cool new three story bar in the area boasting a rooftop spot as well. Each level has different performers so you can get a taste of a little bit of everything!
The bar and restaurant has a simple and rustic vibe, but is anything but boring.
TIP: A staple Nashville dish is hot chicken. And it is SPICY. I made the mistake of adding extra hot sauce-don’t do it unless you’re expecting to burn off all of your tastebuds.

Tootsie’s is an iconic Nashville hangout. It is “the bar” to be at.
TIP: The upstairs is always packed and the downstairs is tiny! Be prepared to stand and be squished!

Legend’s Corner is the bar we may or may not have repeatedly visited. It boasts beer and up and coming artists. I recommend checking out Cort Carpenter if he’s ever back.

TIP: Most places have online calendars to check out upcoming events/performers. Take advantage of this!

What to Do:
Tour the Yazoo Brewery for only $8.00! Cheap thrills. It is one of the only tours I’ve ever been on where you get samples throughout. The brewery started off of a homebrew kit and continued to expand.
I recommend their hefeweizen.

Check out live music! You are in Nashville after all. (this is almost impossible not to do) My favorite was Cort Carpenter; he did some awesome covers!

Must Do: Checking out the Grand Ole Opry and other Nashville staples.

What to Pack: Cowboy boots!
Okay, so this isn’t a must, but where else do you have a perfectly good excuse to wear cowboy boots daily?
The dress is quite casual; your favorite pairs of jeans and cute tops will fit in perfectly.

TIP: Save some space and nix the heels; there’s limited seating at the majority of bars and the strip gets to be lengthy. Plus, don’t you plan on dancing your night away?

What to Avoid: Not planning ahead. Coming from a planner’s point of view, you might expect this, but take my advice to heart. There are many events I wanted to attend, only to find out that tickets sold out almost immediately. I’ll have to save my visit to Bluebird and the Sirius Satellite Highway Happy Hour until next time. And trust me, there will be a next time.