You know when you see those wedding day photos where the snow is falling perfectly overhead and the couple looks like they haven’t a care in the world? The icy white somehow comes off as warmth and makes you feel all cuddly inside? You probably have a smile on your face and maybe, if you’re a little on the sappy side, your eyes tear up just a little?

Well, Danielle and Paul are two people to be jealous of.

Not just because their picture portrays exactly what I just described perfectly, but because along with the beautiful wedding day and engagement shots you can tell just how perfectly in love they are.

Need the proof?


TJ Uttke Photography

Seriously, did they even notice it was cold outside?

Danielle and Paul were two of the biggest sweethearts to be around that day. They were so grateful for everything. There was an obvious ease between the two and their relationship. Getting Danielle ready to walk down the aisle was a breeze; if there were nerves, I couldn’t sense any.

After the ceremony the two only had eyes for one another. They took the time to relax before their reception, just the two; throughout the night the pair would have quiet time alone, but at the same time, they seemed to cater to their guests.

Each and every person there was somebody they were close with. And in a room chock full of people that might be hard to believe, but this was a type of wedding where you feel right at home-like you’ve known these people forever.

The couple wrote a letter to each and every guest, thanking them for being a part of their big day:


(We LOVED that each place setting had a little sprig of lavender tucked in it.)

Not to mention we were told their families had big sweet tooths, but big didn’t even begin to cover it. Let’s go with ginormous…that fits it to a t. Their dessert table had probably 15 different sweet treats to choose from; cupcakes, cookies, cheesecakes, candies, you name it, they had it.

These cute little chrysanthemum topped cupcakes were my favorite.

Lani Renneau Confections

Lani Renneau Confections

And their guests adored them. It was obvious. When listening to the detail of everybody’s speeches they had such detail and more times than not tears followed. Tears that made the individual speaking stop to catch their breath and regroup just a little. Laughs were imminent too, especially when hearing the tale of how the two met. Priceless!


Marius Bell

When you’ve got a love that is great, it engulfs you and your sweetheart and everyone around you-and that is exactly how I would describe what Danielle and Paul have.

Congrats to the newlyweds and cheers for the many more years to come!