Some of our brides walk into the florist meeting knowing exactly what they want and others have no clue. Flower meetings are one of my favorites to be a part of and whether a bride has had her bouquet picked out since kindergarten or if she has no clue what a rununculus is, I love working with the bride and the florist to come up with a cohesive and of course beautiful vision.

If you’re a bride who couldn’t tell the difference between a carnation and a peony, I have put together a few tips on picking out your bouquet.

The first decision I would make when designing your bouquet is if you want all white flowers or if you would like a colorful bouquet. There are some that fall in the middle with a mix of both but for our purposes I would still classify those as colored.


An all white bouquet doesn’t have to be totally pure white, and if you want it to be it will be hard to find since most flowers have a true creamy ivory hue.

This style of posey could also be all light neutrals with some soft taupe colors and a pretty blush mixed in here or there.

TIP: There isn’t a ton of contrast with this selection though.


The pros of a white bouquet include its classic appeal, it feels a little more timeless than the colored options. Possibly because wedding color fads come and go but neutrals are always in style. They are always soft and romantic and fit with any venue or decor which is another added bonus.


TIP: Light colored flowers, especially the white and cream flowers do tend to yellow pretty easily. We can usually snip edges of flowers but it is a minor draw back of picking this option. If you select a natural bouquet I would ask the florist what flowers hold up best and if you are worried the slight browning will ruin your wedding day bliss I would go with a more colorful option.

With a colorful bouquet you typically use your wedding colors and sometimes some accent colors as well. There is almost always greens in flowers (they are a plant after all!) so even if green isn’t one of your colors it typically works its way in. This type of bouquet could be all one color, a kaleidoscope of mixed colors or a mix of neutrals with some pops of accent colors.
Colored bouquets are fun, bold and a little more unique. Sometimes neutral bouquets can start looking very similar but colorful bouquets tend to stand on their own and look more unique. They can be romantic, playful, elegant or wild take your pick.


On the other hand colorful bouquets aren’t always as effortless, you may worry that it won’t turn out how you are envisioning or that it will clash with other colors in your wedding palette. It is a little easier to miss the mark with these since they are more of a statement.


With colored bouquets I would suggest avoiding dyed flowers, if your wedding colors don’t come in natural form, incorporate color in other ways like the ribbon wrap on the bouquet. Otherwise, you may regret the dye when it gets all over your white dress, your hands, your husband’s black suit and the flower girls dress to boot.


TIP: Whether you go colorful or neutral make sure the florists understands the shape, size and style you are going for. Picking cohesive pictures is a great way to ensure that you are all on the same page. If you have an exact vision in mind make sure you convey that with them and have fun picking flowers!
Lucky for you once your bouquet is picked out the bridesmaids flowers will be much easier. In general, you have two choices there too. More on that in an upcoming blog.