CRP-BB4TG-0042Choosing dresses for your bridesmaids is a special kind of difficult, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Bella Bridesmaids invited us over to share their simple do’s and dont’s for a stress free decision when choosing bridesmaids dresses. We love sending brides to Bella Bridesmaids because of their beautiful selection and Ariel is always a great help! While we were there, Chrissy Rose was with us to capture photos of these gorgeous dresses, thanks for the fantastic images Chrissy, you never disappoint!    

DO Mix and Match PrintsCRP-BB4TG-0009-Edit

A HUGE trend this season, you can switch it up by choosing different kinds of prints for each of your bridesmaids. It can result in a gorgeous array of color, but be careful not to choose clashing colors and hues.

DON’T Choose Ivory or White Colored Dresses

A few shades to stay away from are ivory and white, deciding on these colors will end with your own gown being lost in a sea of white fabric. However, if your heart is set on lighter colors, perhaps go with a blush color and add in texture with various prints, metallics, sequins, and accessories.

DO AccessorizeCRP-BB4TG-0015

Speaking of accessories, there are hundreds of ways to make your bridesmaid’s dresses special by using hair pins, beaded belts, or statement necklaces. These are a great way to either add a pop of color or bring a whole look together.

DO Emerald Green

A trendy color this season is emerald green which pairs perfectly with a white wedding gown, if you do choose this brilliant color, be wary when taking pictures in front of areas with lots of greenery, you don’t want your bridesmaids camouflaged!CRP-BB4TG-0029

DO Mix and Match Shapes, Styles, and Lengths

Another trend is choosing a variety of dress shapes, styles, and lengths. This not only switches it up a little bit, and adds interesting contrast, but it also is a quick solution to the issue that dresses are NOT one size fits all.

DO Get Fitted

It is very important to get fitted properly and also move around a lot in your dress to make sure it CRP-BB4TG-0047fits in all the right places. Don’t wait until the last minute to try on your dress either. Feel free to jump, dance, twist, and simply walk around so you’ll be confident that your dress will fit perfectly all day long.

DON’T Buy Your Shoes After Alterations

Purchasing your shoes after your dress alterations are finished is an accident waiting to happen. Your shoes may change how long or short the dress is on you and it may also change howCRP-BB4TG-0045 the dress looks on you altogether. Therefore, purchase your shoes before and wear them with your dress during alterations so you can ensure the perfect fit!  

DO Take All Day Wear Into Account

It’s important to make sure the fabric will stay perfect all day and night, crepe, silk, and satin are fabrics that are delicate and typically wrinkle easily.


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