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Blushing Brides to Be {5 Tips for Boudoir Shoots} - Milwaukee Wedding Coordinator | Tailored Engagements

When on the topic, the word boudoir often times automatically brings a bit of a blush to the face of the inquisitor.

Throughout the years, we’ve had brides on the look out for the perfect gift for their husband to be. Often times, boudoir photos are of the first ideas that pop into their minds. They shyly request information on whom we recommend for the service and then quietly resume to other topics, most often leaving us without the knowledge of if they took the step or not.

This topic doesn’t have to be taboo. Nor does it have to automatically come to mind as tasteless. You don’t even have to strip down to your skivvies!

Milwaukee boudoir (and wedding day!) photographer Chrissy Krueger-Gruendyke of Chrissy Rose Photography takes a different point of view on it; while you’re knocking the socks off of your man, you’re also taking a moment for yourself.

“I am often asked ‘what exactly is boudoir photography?’ Boudoir-style photo sessions with Chrissy Rose Photography showcase you as the beautiful, confident and sexy woman that you are. Capturing you in this way is a celebration of all things you. The photos are meant to be seductive and intimate as well as empowering.

The women I work with are often times brides-to-be looking to surprise their grooms with a super sexy wedding gift. Or the mom who just got her body back and wants to flaunt it. Or the 50-something hottie who wants to freeze in time how amazing she looks. We all do it for different reasons. The most important reason is to celebrate ourselves at whatever stage.”

What Chrissy emphasizes most is that ultimately the day is about YOU.

Photo courtesy of Chrissy Rose Photography

Photo courtesy of Chrissy Rose Photography

To our brides to be (or not) that our seeking this path, take into account some of the following tips.

1. Do you homework.
Chrissy emphasizes the creation of a Pinterest board to thoroughly plan out exactly the look you’re going for. From shoes, to hair and makeup and most importantly the clothing, make sure everything is cohesive whether you’re going for cute and casual or sexy and seductive.

We often times request brides to do this with decor boards-while you may pin a lot of looks at first, be sure you pare it down to achieve exactly what you’re going for.

TIP: Tangible items aren’t the only things to pin. Research poses to find what you feel you’ll be comfortable in.

2. Try it on.
This applies most importantly to the clothing you pick out. Whether its an oversized sweater, one of his button downs or something teeny weeny, make sure it flatters you and achieves the look you are going for.


Photo Courtesy of Chrissy Rose Photography

TIP: Don’t wait til the last minute or you’ll be scrambling to create your look.

3. Accessorize.
Whether its a strand of pearls, studded shoes or even a feathered boa, come along with items that you feel will up the wow factor in your photos. Don’t hesitate to go a little overboard, it is never a bad thing to have too many options.


4. Beauty prep.
Not only is it important to prep the skin on your face, but your overall body as well.
If you plan on trying out a spray tan or waxing, any type of service that would fall under those categories, do a trial run. You don’t want any unwanted reactions popping up the week of your photos.

Chrissy stresses to remain hydrated and well rested to assure you look and feel your best.

If you’re a woman who doesn’t often wear a lot of make up, but wants to go with a full lip, lashes and smokey eyes on the day of the shoot, it may be beneficial to pay an extra fee for a trial before the shoot.


5. And the most important tip of them all; be confident.                                                                                                                                            Confidence is key; believe in yourself, rock your look and your photos will turn out even better than you (and the receiver) could have ever imagined.

Photo Courtesy of Chrissy Rose Photography

Photo Courtesy of Chrissy Rose Photography

To our past brides-we hope you took the step.

To our present and future brides-if this is something you’re interested in, we hope you take the step!