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As easy as 1..2..3 - Milwaukee Wedding Coordinator | Tailored Engagements

Popping up on brides to be’s Pinterest boards lately are table numbers. Glittered, watercolored, 3D. Anything but the ordinary paper.

We have to admit, we wanted to get in on this action, too.
So we took the matters into our own hands and got crafty.

Really, it is much easier and less time consuming than anybody could imagine. Just because we are wedding pros doesn’t mean we are project pros, but consider this craft day conquered.

After a fun field trip to the craft store this morning, we got to work.

Wooden bases
Wooden numbers
Hot glue gun
Glue sticks
Spray Paint




1. Don’t just go crazy and start laying down glue. Lay out exactly where you want your numbers to stand. Mark the line with a pencil.

2. The numbers that you’ll find at Michael’s are edged; you have to start at an angle. Line the angled side with the hot glue and hold until dried. Go against the backside of the number and put down another line of hot glue. Should be sturdy after that!


TIP: After numbers have dried, go around and pick off any stray glue strands; this will be important to do before painting, or it might look messy.

3. Take the dried numbers outside, CAREFULLY, and spray with the color of your choice.

TIP: Don’t spray up close and personal with the paint. It is better to have to do a few coats than to have drip marks throughout your finished number. Make sure you get enough coats on your numbers, turn them upside down and to the side, or you’ll miss a spot.

Check it out!