With “engagement season” in full swing, the past week has been a hectic one for wedding professionals.  I spent it jumping from one coffee house to another and even had a Culver’s thrown into the mix (long story).  While sipping on honey lattes and chai tea, I met a ton of fun and creative brides and even a few grooms.  I am still a bit jittery from the massive caffeine intake but I am excited to learn more about each of the couples I met!

Many of the potential clients I grabbed coffee with are still in the early stages of planning, which is wonderful because then they can take full advantage of my services and expertise.  Seeing the excitement and anticipation all of these couples had was so inspiring!  I am rejuvenated and excited to produce some beautiful new designs in the New Year!

Here are just a few of the pictures I found inspiring after last week’s meetings.  As you can see, I am in for some pretty special weddings in the coming year!

milwaukee wedding planner

Top Right: Martha Stewart Weddings Middle Left, Bottom Left and Right: The Knot Middle Right: Joie LaLa Photography

Yes, I do realize they don’t all go together.  That’s because they are for different weddings!