I work with so many couples who LOVE Milwaukee, which is great because I love Milwaukee too.   A lot of them want to incorporate all that MKE has to offer into their wedding and I am all for that!  I have found though that there is only so much cheese and beer you can cram into a reception without it feeling like a beer hall on a Friday night.

The rehearsal dinner on the other hand can have a much more laid back approach which is perfect to convey your love of Milwaukee.   Since we have a chill vibe here and a love of all things beer and fried I put together an example of the most Milwaukee rehearsal shin dig I could think of.  Here goes…

Location: The Uber Tap Room at the Wisconsin Cheese Mart (does it get more Wisconsin then that?  I don’t think so!)

Drink: Let your guests pick from over 36 beers to create their own flight.  You can even have a list of the beers printed for each guest so they can track what they tried.

Picture 4

Food: Well this one is pretty obvious but of course your guests would snack on cheese platters while sipping (or chugging) their flights.  They have 175 options to choose from so you should be able to give your guests tour of Wisconsin cheeses.

For the entrée of course you would need to provide an oh-so-Milwaukee fish fry and for a tasty sweet to end the night why not treat them all to Kopp’s custard.

Picture 7


Décor: There isn’t much you would need to do here but an adorable Milwaukee invitation could be just the ticket.  If you want to really wow your guests send them on their way with a custom beer flight set (pictured above).


If that doesn’t scream Milwaukee I don’t know what does!!


Photo Credits:

Micallinas Treasures 

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